Friday, March 27, 2015
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Zen Digital new Belgian N-PoC of the ECWT


Zen Digital

greenlight for girls


Belgian N-PoC of the ECWT

In mid June 2011 Isabella Lenarduzzi, CEO of JUMP informed the ECWT Executive that due to the quick development of its own organiation, JUMP would continue as a Member of ECWT, but would no longer carry out the role of Belgian National Point of Contact of the ECWT.

A spontaneous meeting between Eva Fabry, Director of the ECWT, Isabella Lenarduzzi and Cheryl D. Miller, lead to a smooth transition of the role from one party to the other and since 1st of July 2011, Cheryl D. Miller is responsible for coordinating the Belgian N-PoC of the ECWT.

Cheryl is Founder of Zen Digital, and European Director for greenlight for girls and has nearly twenty years of international experience in the technology and ICT sector. She has worked around the world for blue-chip companies in Strategic Communications, Organizational Change Management and ICT Best Practices.
Cheryl possesses a Degree in International Relations, Law and Organizations from the Georgetown School of Foreign Service, and an International MBA from The Moore School at South Carolina, the top-ranked International Business program in the US.

Zen Digital Europe is a consultancy in ICT and Sustainability, also addressing gender and environmental issues, and works to promote digital and social media to achieve the goals of the European Knowledge Society.

Cheryl's special area of competence is social media and in the recent 'Women for Smart Growth' Workshop 22 of the Digital Agenda Assembly the 17 June 2011 in Brussels Cheryl contributed with a highly successful presentation about 'Women Role Models in the Digital Age'.

N-PoCs of the ECWT operate today in 10 countries: Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain and five are under start-up.

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